A local lifeguard at Playa de la Chullera in Manilva spotted a two-meter long jellyfish swimming amongst tourists on the coast.

Biologists from Aula del Mar in Malaga confirmed that the animal was harmless amid reports of worried tourists afraid to go into the water.

The jellyfish was spotted around 2 pm earlier this week and marks the first time this summer that a large jellyfish has been seen in Manilva.

A campaign called ‘Infomedusa’ run by the Aula del Mar group provides information to keep the public updated as to the whereabouts of jellyfish along the Costa del Sol beaches.

Currently, the group is looking at ways to predict why jellyfish swarm the coast in such a large number during the summer months.

The jellyfish spotted in Manilva eventually made its way back out into deeper water.