Data from Spanish airports operator Aena shows that passenger numbers at Malaga airport are up 7.3% for the first four months of 2019 when compared to 2018.

Considered as being the gateway to the Costa del Sol, Malaga airport saw 5.2 million passengers either arrive or depart Malaga airport between January and April of 2019.

Of this number, 4.3 million were on international flights with airlines increasing the number of flights to Malaga by 5.6% compared to the same period last year.

Brexit has not had any impact on the number of visitors from the UK, which was up 3.4% on 2018 while those visiting from France rose almost 20% on a year ago.

Internal flights also saw an increase in traffic with 8,897 flights either arriving or departing Malaga, an increase of 8.5% on the same space of time in 2018.

One of the most popular days of this year for holiday makers flying to the Costs del sol so far, happened to be on a weekend.

Saturday the 13th of April passenger numbers reached a high of 72,399

With more flights being added each year, Malaga airport is taking all steps to keep up with the growing passenger numbers.